About us

Beach House Bees is a 3rd generation Bee Farm, passed down by family after generation to generation.

Micheal Beach, founder, and owner of beach house bees, was taught by his grandfather when he was just a boy around the age of 12. Immediately taking a love to the craft, he learned as much as he could to start his own beekeeping business. Now, at the present day, Micheal and his family farms honey for people around the world, living the dream that he had as a young boy.

Micheal works with his wife and 5 children and hopes to expand in the future. His love for honey fuels his work and the smiles that people have after trying Beach House Honey. We value quality and will always provide you the best possible, regardless of the season, weather, or time.

We value the importance of keeping our honey Unfiltered and natural. Honey on shelves is processed and pasteurized, void of the important nutrients that Raw Honey gives. From natural healing properties to antibiotics, the only way to find Raw Honey is from local farmers. Pasteurized honey essentially becomes straight sugar when you take out the benefits, making it as healthy as straight sugar.

We want to provide the best and hope that you will join us on our journey!

The Beach Family

Our Vision

We aim to provide quality, Raw Honey straight to your doorstep without compromising any steps. As we expand, we will continue to adhere to this vision and to ensure that the honey you get, is pure, raw, and fully natural.


Our mission is to reach everyone across the world, providing quality honey to those of all shapes, colors, and sizes. We want to bring back Raw Honey to your kitchen so you can have a healthy sweetener for any recipe.

Our Values

We value the importance of family and working as a team. As a small company operated by a family, we believe that good comes to all those who work hard. At Beach House Bees, we don’t take shortucts. 

Owned By Family



Beach house bees values family, especially when it comes to work.

Working together as a team, we harvest, raise, and sell Beach House Honey together, allowing you to get honey sealed by the hands of those who make it. We don’t use factories, facilities, or machines. It’s all hard work coming from the hard work of the Beach House Family. Although this takes longer, the quality is superior to honey you’ll find in any store. 

We check every bottle, every label, and every jar to make sure that the honey you get is nothing but perfect. 

Nothing But Natural



Nothing is added and nothing is taken out. The only thing besides the Raw Honey you get delivered to your doorstep is the Bottle that it comes in. We value the importance of giving you honey that isn’t processed or that has ingredients added. We don’t make compromises when it comes to giving you the best honey.

Natural Honey has beneficial properties that honey in stores can’t give you. From the nutrients to beneficial health properties, Raw Honey is a sweetener that is both healthy and great tasting. You can tell a good bottle of honey from a store-bought one when the honey turns thick and cloudy over time. Pasteurized honey is clear due to the nutrients and minerals taken out, giving it a “store-bought shelf look.” Although it looks nicer, its taste doesn’t match its look.

We give you fully authentic, natural, raw honey, nothing more, and nothing less.